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Jeunesse D’autres mers is a research-action video project. Supported by numerous partners and associations, its aim is to give voice to those who bring child protection to life on a daily basis in Mayotte and Reunion. Through fifteen short films, the website highlights the experiences of young people, families and professionals. A necessary immersion to better think and act together.


Deepsheep approached me to help with the artistic direction of the website and of the short films’ animated inserts.

Carillon Studio then wonderfully developed the website.

Schermata 2022-11-04 alle 10.48.52.png
Schermata 2022-11-04 alle 10.49.03.png

The interactive maps allow visitors to freely navigate the stories. 

Schermata 2022-11-04 alle 11.18.06.png
Schermata 2022-04-20 alle 15.53.36.png

Stills and extracts from
Mirna, Reine de Kaweni

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